Pokemon Red Twitter

Twitter plays the Game Boy classic Pokémon Red inside a programmer's avatar is arguably one of the wildest social media experiments so far this year.

Since the adventure began just weeks ago, Twitter has successful acquired four badges - with the latest one being the Rainbow Badge from Celadon City's Grass-type Gym leader, Erika.

So, what's the latest progress update? According to the Discord channel, the Silph Scope was been retrieved from Team Rocket's hideout, Blue was defeated at Lavender Town's Pokémon Tower and Snorlax has been caught. The trainer is now en route to Fuchsia City.

The party at this point in time is comprised of a Level 30 Kadabra, a Level 31 Graveler, a Level 34 Wartortle, a Level 34 Jolteon, a Level 31 Fearow and a Level 30 Snorlax.

Pokemon Twitter
Image: @screenshakes

Can you believe social media is actually making progress in Pokémon Red? Have you played a part? Leave a comment below.

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