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Ash Ketchum is not the most fashionable of 10-year-olds, but the series that made him famous has spawned shirts, shoes, and now - thanks to denim-doers Levi's - a whole collection of Poké-themed apparel.

A lot of the collection is a bit, well... odd, with jeans that have an entire Pikachu just stamped on the leg, like he's sunbathing on your thigh, plus a rather garish matching set of jeans and jacket that might look quite cool alone, but look like a grass-stained Canadian tuxedo when put together. We're kinda down for the Pika jacket, though.

There's a fair bit of Pika-gear in the collection, with socks, jumpers, and a beanie hat all featuring everyone's favourite yellow friend:

If you don't want to be quite so obvious about your love for Pokémon in your sartorial statements, there's a low-key hat and a slightly-less-low-key matching bag for you:

A few of the T-shirts include a somewhat random selection of the original 150, looking a bit like Levi just grabbed some official Pokémon art and slapped it on some fabric:

These Jigglypuff socks are pretty dang cute, though:

And finally, after 25 years of waiting, here's Misty's outfit. Yeah, it's just shorts + braces. You can really just make this one at home.

The jeans, by the way, are rumoured to cost $148 (~£110). The line will appear on Levi's website on February 15th.

Are you excited to dress like a 7-year old in 1998? We sure are. Let us know your fashion advice in the comments.