Trails Of Cold Steel IV
Image: NIS America

At the end of last year, Falcom announced its latest entry in the Legend of Heroes JRPG series would be coming to the Switch in Japan on 18th March 2021.

NIS America has now confirmed The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV will arrive in North America and Europe on 9th April. This will be followed by an Oceania release on 16th April.

The same title was first launched on the PlayStation 4 in 2018 and followed up with a western launch last year. Here's a summary of what to expect, from NIS America (via Gematsu):

The Erebonian Empire is on the brink of all out war! Taking place shortly after the ending of Trails of Cold Steel III, the heroes of Class VII find themselves against the full force of the Empire in an attempt to stop its path of total domination. Further, the hero of the Erebonian Civil War and Class VII’s instructor, Rean Schwarzer, has gone missing. Now, the students of Class VII, old and new, must unite with heroes from all over the continent to create the only chance the world has to be spared from total destruction.

Key Features

The Ultimate Class Reunion – Boasting the largest roster in series history, heroes from all over seek to join the cause! The heroes of Class VII unite with Crossbell’s Special Support Section and even the heroes of Liberl.

Battle Most Refined – New and returning systems join the already polished combat of The Legend of Heroes series, including the ability to summon giant mechs to the field for devastating attacks, use Auto Battle for more expedient combat, and utilize Lost Arts, the most powerful Orbal magic capable of turning the tide of battle.

Pursuits of the War Weary – In between epic battles, catch a breather with a number of mini-games including returning favorites like Vantage Master, fishing and puzzle games! And introducing new pursuits like Poker, Blackjack, and the Horror Coaster.

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