The Game Boy is truly the handheld which refuses to die. We've seen several new releases for the legendary portable crop up recently, and there's another on the way in the shape of Deadeus.

Developed by independent studio -IZMA- and published by Spacebot Interactive (the latter also being involved with Dragonborne, another new Game Boy game), Deadeus focuses on a boy who experiences a prophetic nightmare in which he is told that everyone will die in 3 days; he must venture out into his village to discover a means to save them. 11 different endings are included, allowing the player an impressive degree of freedom when it comes to completing the game.

Deadeus will run on any Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance system and will come on a cartridge with a box and manual. The standard edition of Deadeus retails for £42 ($57.44/€46.72) plus postage and can be pre-ordered here. Pre-orders will close on 15th February, with shipping expected to begin in March.