For fans of Ace Attorney, Persona, and Danganronpa - first of all, wow, you really like solving murders, huh? Secondly, Root Film may be just what you need to scratch that murder-itch you've been having lately. Like the rest, it's a visual novel with a huge dollop of spooky goings-on, as you play aspiring filmmaker, Rintaro Yagu, who keeps getting emails saying things like "you're in grave danger!"

In a twist that will probably shock none of you, someone gets brutally murdered, interrupting Rintaro's first shot at being a director. He takes it upon himself to solve the crime, gathering clues, interrogating people, and confronting suspects.

When you're ready to accuse someone, you'll enter the fighting-game-style Max Mode, where a one-on-one showdown will reveal the truth. There's even an Ace Attorney-style power called "Synesthesia", which can help you identify inconsistencies and leads, as well as a mechanic called "zapping" where you can experience an event from different viewpoints, a bit like Miles Edgeworth does in Ace Attorney: Investigations.

Root Film will be out on the Nintendo eShop on March 19th, 2021. There's also a limited-edition physical release, which comes with a 100-page artbook, for the price of £49.99.