Not an apple in sight
Image: Nintendo

In the upcoming Switch release New Pokémon Snap, it seems there's a fruit that looks just like an apple (and might even taste like one) but isn't actually an apple.

Nope - according to a tweet by Nintendo of America's Twitter account, this apple-like fruit pictured above and below is actually known as a "fluffruit" and is located in the Lental region. As noted, it can be used to catch the attention of pocket monsters in the wild, and then you can take some stunning snaps while they eat it.

Like the tweet above, there are a lot of other responses mentioning how this is clearly an apple. Others called it out for not even being fluffy and some have mentioned how odd this is when the Galar region had no issues identifying apples. One response speculated how this might be to avoid confusion with the Dragon-type Pokémon Applin.

For all we know, apples might still exist in this region - even if fluffruit looks exactly the same. In the original Pokémon Snap on the Nintendo 64, you could use "apple-shaped food" to lure Pokémon. What do you think? Is this actually an apple in disguise? Share your thoughts down below.