Shockwork Games, the developer behind last year's Switch release Alder's Blood, has announced that a new, "dark" JRPG called Nadir is now in the works for Switch.

The game will have players controlling a team of three "powerful, yet extremely blemished characters" as they try to escape a seemingly endless city. The city contains different themes, enemies and challenges, and you'll need to adapt to these differences by building a variety of character builds to maximise your team's efforts.

Here's an official description:

Nadir is a dark jRPG with procedurally generated maps burning of infernal fire and many extraordinary inspirations with the deepest influence coming straight from Dante’s Divine Comedy. The game features fast-paced combat with lots of abilities and special effects, terrifying enemies, strong and vivid, Sin-City inspired art style, and modding support for those who want to expand the world.

Nadir is already progressing nicely according to the team, but a Kickstarter campaign will be launched soon to generate additional funding, all in a bid to "polish and expand" the game further. If you're interested in keeping an eye out for that, make sure to sign up for notifications here.

We're liking the art style shown in these screenshots, we must say:

The teaser trailer above suggests that we'll get our hands on Nadir at some point this year, but Shockwork warns that it'll release "once ready."

Are you liking the sound of this one? Will you be watching out for its release on Switch? Tell us below.