Heaven's Vault
Image: Inkle

Heaven's Vault, a translate-em-up narrative adventure game from the makers of Sorcery! and 80 Days, is finally coming to Switch on the 28th January. Developers Inkle are no strangers to cleverly branching dialogue and plot - as you'll know if you played any of their previous games - and Heaven's Vault is no different.

You'll play as archaeologist Aliya Elasra - who's an actual archaeologist, making sure to respect ancient cultures and not constantly blow them up like that Indiana Jones hack - who's on a mission to find a missing roboticist. On the way, she makes friends/enemies with a sassy robot, learns a new hieroglyphic language, and discovers that all is perhaps not as it was told in the history books she's read.

The language in Heaven's Vault was created specifically for the game, and is the main thing you'll be doing as you explore, slowly learning what specific glyphs mean, and making etymological connections and discoveries that open up new worlds of understanding.

To put it more bluntly, Heaven's Vault is a game made for linguist nerds, history dorks, and archaeology stans who feel misrepresented by the Uncharted games. If you've ever gone to the school library voluntarily, this is the game for you.

Have you played Heaven's Vault on other platforms? Will you be getting it again? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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