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Image: Yacht Club Games

We were rather taken by Cyber Shadow when it launched earlier this week. Bringing us an 8-bit ninja action platformer, the story focused on Shadow, last survivor of an ancient order of ninjas. Having awoken to a bizarre technological world, Shadow seeks to take down the threat which destroyed both his clan and the world.

Bringing a rather standard premise, we thought the story held more depth than expected, but as it turns out, the finished game's content barely scratched the surface.

Speaking to Goomba Stomp in a recent podcast, Yacht Club Games' marketing manager Celia Schilling revealed only 25% of the lore was actually used, confirming:

“What you guys get in Cyber Shadow currently is only 25% of the story that Aarne [Hunziker] had written for it. Aarne has so much backstory for Cyber Shadow. I remember we were working on the character profiles for it and I was like, ‘Okay Aarne, tell me more about [player character] Shadow, like what does he like to do for fun?’ And he was like, ‘Shadow, obviously, he has a sensitivity to essence. But before he went to the dojo where he met Master, he went on a journey of solitude to make sure he wasn’t being corrupted.’”

We gave Cyber Shadow high praise in our recent review, but our main complaint was that there just wasn't enough of it. Knowing this much lore went unused, it's possible Aarne Hunziker could look to explore this further later on.

Whether that comes as a sequel or DLC, time will tell, but we'd certainly love to see more of Cyber Shadow that makes use of this untouched lore.

Did you pick up Cyber Shadow? Would you be interested in a sequel? Share your thoughts down below.

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