Paratope has revealed plans to bring its open-world RPG Skyclimbers to the Switch, but before you get too excited at the prospect, it's worth noting that the game is still a long way from release – the Kickstarter campaign required to fund full development is yet to go live.

Skyclimbers will include real-time base building, NPCs, resource management, item crafting and much more besides. You'll be able to fight (and tame) monsters, with subjugated beasts turning into handy companions in battle.

The game's world will be procedurally-generated and spread across different biomes, a little like Minecraft. However, everything will be underpinned by a storyline which carries you through the fantasy world.

It all sounds pretty ambitious. What are the chances of this coming to Nintendo's console intact? Will you be funding the crowdfunding campaign once it goes live? Let us know with a comment.