Beep beep! What's that? It's the sound of another madcap physics-based couch co-op game! If you enjoy Phogs!, Overcooked, Moving Out, Heave Ho, and/or The Stretchers (side note: good loooord, there's a lot of these games) then Very Very Valet is likely to be very very up your street.

Launching as a timed exclusive in early 2021, Very Very Valet is one of those games that seems perfect for the Switch: it's wacky, colourful, and janky in the way that usually works out for these type of games. The trailer seems to imply that you and your friends are the valets, tasked with parking and returning cars to waiting customers.

There are 20 levels in total, and they begin pretty easy - get in car, drive car into the "Return Zone", repeat. Later levels get a little more complicated, with catapults, obstacles, and speeding trains, on top of the competition between you and the other players.

Maybe by early 2021, we'll be able to have parties - and therefore play party games - again. Fingers crossed, eh?