Cultist Simulator: Initiate Edition, a special release of the award-winning roguelike narrative card game, will launch on Nintendo Switch in February 2021.

A game "of apocalypse and yearning," Cultist Simulator takes place inside a 1920s-themed setting of hidden gods and secret histories. "Perhaps you're looking for knowledge, or power, or beauty, or revenge," the game's official description states. "Perhaps you just want the colours beneath the skin of the world." Intriguing.

This all-new Switch edition includes the base game and first three DLCs as standard – the Dancer, the Priest, and the Ghoul. An optional add-on will also launch at the same time; called 'Exile', this DLC will be the game's biggest expansion yet adding a whole new game mode and "a third more content." The main game (with old DLC included) will cost $19.99 / €19.99, while the new Exile DLC will be an additional $6.99 / €6.99.

Here's a feature list:

  • Challenging roguelike gameplay - Cultist Simulator doesn’t hold your hand. Experiment, expire and transcend death with a story-driven legacy system
  • Intense, immersive narrative – Combine cards to tell your own story. There are many paths through this game of ambition, appetite and abomination, and many ways your tale can end
  • A rich Lovecraftian world – Corrupt your friends and consume your enemies. Cultist Simulator brings the peripheral horror of Lovecraft’s tales to an entirely new setting
  • A revamped interface – The game's interface has been entirely reworked to better suit the Nintendo Switch
  • Choose the way you play – With a controller or touchscreen, using buttons only or a cursor, make you comfortable while you work on summoning ancient deities
  • Dancer, Priest & Ghoul DLCs – Earn immortality in an obscure cabaret, open the minds and hearts of your congregation or consume the corpses of your followers to gain a little extra from their more interesting scars
  • Exile DLC - New world, new foes, new rules. Disappear into the mists of the Nameless Name of the Velvet; use your lethal loot to win favour and wealth and build a new life; or choose defiance, and attempt the impossible

Cultist Simulator: Initiate Edition will launch on Nintendo Switch on 2nd February 2021. Will you be giving this one a go? Tell us below.