Revealed during The Game Awards 2020, Jo-Mei Studios' emotional action adventure is coming to Switch in 2021 the form of Sea of Solitude: The Director's Cut. This new version of the original game which launched on other platforms last year will feature a rewritten script, a new cast of voice actors, 'augmented' cutscenes and various other tweaks.

Quantic Dream has taken over publishing duties and this reworked version of the EA-published original will be a Nintendo Switch exclusive. The game casts you as the seafaring Kay, a young woman struggling with depression and abandonment issues that manifest in the flooded world you journey through.

A demo will drop on the Switch eShop on launch day which includes the entire first chapter. Here are a list of features from Quantic Dream's website:

A beautiful and troubling universe – Set in a fantastical drowned world, explore the unique and ever-changing environments by swimming, running and navigating, encountering monsters and overcoming challenging obstacles along the way.
An emotional adventure — Sea of Solitude: The Director’s Cut takes you on a beautiful and heart-pounding action-adventure with Kay, a girl so hopeless that she has turned into a monster. Guide her through the tempest towards tranquility as she faces off against relentless beasts of her own making who want to see her capsize and drown, unless she can summon the inner strength to face them.
Only for Nintendo Switch™ — With features exclusive for the Nintendo Switch™, immerse yourself in the world of Sea of Solitude: The Director’s Cut with a customizable photo mode, gyroscope integration, and more that brings the director’s vision to life like never before.

There will also be a Limited Edition boxed version that's up for pre-order direct from Quantic Dream for €29,99, which includes the game on a physical cart and "an exclusive sticker":

SOS Switch Box

Despite a nomination at last year's TGAs in the 'Games for Impact' category, it launched to mixed critical reception back in July 2019. In its Sea of Solitude PS4 review, our sister site Push Square noted that it contained "beautiful visuals and themes", although it was very "pedestrian". This Director's Cut sounds like it will make some significant changes, so we've got our fingers crossed that the Switch version will improve things across the board.

Have you played Sea of Solitude? Reckon that these changes will make a significant difference to the original experience? Let us know with a comment below.