If you haven't already downloaded the id Software classics DOOM and DOOM II from the Switch eShop, what the hell are you waiting for? Now there's even more reason to check out both of these titles - with Bethesda today another exciting add-on.

Introducing Doom Zero - 32 levels featuring new enemies, bosses, sounds, music and even some new sprites. This mod, created by Christopher Golden, remains faithful to the 'vanilla' Doom, while bringing its own original ideas such as branching paths and challenges.

"Don’t let the name fool you: This ain’t no ‘lite,’ low-calorie version of DOOM. Made in celebration of DOOM II’s 25th anniversary, DOOM Zero contains a whopping 32 levels filled with new enemies, new bosses, new sounds, new music and new sprites."

Will you be checking out this latest add-on or are you still busy with Doom Eternal? Leave a comment down below.