Shanghai III

One developer that didn't slow down this year was the retro revival specialist Hamster. Although 2020 was tough for everyone within the video game industry, it was somehow able to stick to its schedule and continue pumping out weekly releases.

This brings us to Hamster's final release of the year. What is it, you ask? Shanghai III - a puzzle game originally released by Sunsoft in 1993. Here's a bit more about it, courtesy of Hamster's website:

Shanghai III' is a puzzle game that was released from SUNSOFT in 1993. Players pick from an assortment of mahjong tile patterns such as Dragon, Tiger, etc. The object is to clear all of the tiles from the screen by matching them in pairs. The game runs on a timer, so players have to move fast to clear the entire screen.

*This game uses the Japanese ROM for the main part of the game. The options menu and manual are available in Japanese, English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

This one (as usual) will be priced at $7.99 or your regional equivalent. We've also got some screenshots:

Hamster has now had more than "200 consecutive weeks of delivery" and originally started distribution on the Nintendo Switch on 3rd March 2017. You can see all of Hamster's Switch eShop releases this year over on its official website, or view our Nintendo Life Arcade Archives guide.

Will you be adding this game to your Switch Home Menu? How many of Hamster's releases have you purchased in 2020 and what would you like to see from it in 2021? Let us know in the comments.