Fatal Fury: First Contact, a fighting game that released on the Neo Geo Pocket Color back in 1999, has just appeared out of nowhere on the Nintendo Switch eShop. Merry Christmas!

Heavily based on arcade fighter Real Bout Fatal Fury 2, which launched just a year before it in 1998, the game features the likes of Rick Strowd, Li Xiangfei, Geese Howard, Mai Shiranui and – of course – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate star Terry Bogard.

Features in FATAL FURY: FIRST CONTACT include a POTENTIAL POWER comeback mechanic that allows players to unleash an ultra-lethal special move at the brink of death and opportunities to play as the DOMINATED MIND protagonist and REAL BOUT FATAL FURY 2 hidden boss, Alfred. The Nintendo Switch’s Tabletop and Handheld Modes are a match made in Fatal Fury heaven as they go hand-in-hand with the game’s single-lane fighting system beautifully.

If you want to dive in the Fatal Fury: First Contact, you'll find it waiting for you on the eShop for $7.99. We'll leave you with this special video message from SNK Producer Yasuyuki Oda: