Whenever a new piece of technology arrives on the scene, there's always the temptation to push it in unexpected directions, and that's what YouTuber The Retro Future has done for the shiny new PlayStation 5.

While this smart new console is technically capable of outputting an 8K signal, The Retro Future has gone about as far in the opposite direction as it's possible to go, by connecting the PS5 to the humble GBA, which has a screen resolution of just 240 × 160 pixels.

This piece of technological black magic has been achieved using a special cartridge created by May Flash which boasts old-school AV connections (and costs over £100 on the secondary market, so don't expect to rush out and buy one for spare change – these things are expensive). This, in turn, then connects to another adapter which turns the PS5's HD connection into a vintage analogue signal that the May Flash adapter can interpret.

The end result? Yes, you can play your PS5 on a Game Boy Advance. For added amusement, The Retro Future even tries this on the Game Boy Micro, which has one of the smallest screens of any handheld. And while the PS5 has been selected in this case for its topical nature, you can, of course, use this method to link-up any HD-ready system to a GBA (including Switch, which was shown off some time ago but we somehow missed it).

Next-gen gaming in sub-standard definition. It's the (retro) future.

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