Switch Sakuna 03 Cropped

The beautiful-looking action, crafting and farming title Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin might seem like the perfect fit for the Switch, but believe it or not, this system wasn't originally part of the plan.

Speaking to Siliconera, XSEED games executive vice president, Kenji Hosoi, revealed how Nintendo actually approached them (a subsidiary of Marvelous) on multiple occasions about bringing the game to the hybrid platform. It seems Edelweiss' hard work has paid off - as the Switch version of the game had about "2-to-1" pre-orders over the PlayStation 4 release.

Here it is in the Hosoi's words:

Initially our plan was to release on PC and PS4 only, but after Sakuna was announced as being in the works, our Nintendo contact at the time reached out to us on more than one occasion to consider releasing the game on the Nintendo Switch as well.

We were initially hesitant on the first few reach-outs, as it just was not part of the original plan and we would have had to reschedule everything, but after multiple talks with Nintendo and hearing how passionate they were about the game, we ultimately decided to release the game on the Switch as well.

That wasn’t an easy ask for Edelweiss, but we all agreed that Switch would be a great platform for the game. In hindsight, we’re glad we took their request seriously as we have nothing but appreciation towards Nintendo for actively showcasing the game, and in terms of sales impact, we’re seeing great launch orders on the Switch—about a 2-to-1 over PS4.

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