Earlier this week, a Taiwanese rating and a leaked trailer seemed to give the game away on a new, upcoming title in the Drawn to Life series. Now, we have official confirmation that the game is the real deal.

Drawn To Life: Two Realms, described as "a revitalisation of the beloved franchise and modern continuation of the series", will launch on Nintendo Switch on 7th December. It's a digital-only affair and will also be arriving on Steam and mobile platforms on the same day.

Speaking to Nintendo Life, Drawn to Life's Global Brand Manager, Lennart Bobzien, has shared the following:

"After over ten years of absence, the Drawn to Life series returns with a true continuation! Drawn to Life: Two Realms captures the charming atmosphere of the series perfectly and adds new features to offer fans and newcomers the full Drawn to Life experience.

The beloved hero customization will return and has been extended with millions of colours, unique stickers, templates, new hero animations, and a mix and match look to allow the user to create their very own and bespoke hero. Over 100 levels will introduce a new gameplay element which will challenge the user to use their imagination and to place objects the right way to master the level. In addition to that, the game offers two mirrored worlds which the user can visit and explore as they want.

Thanks to the involvement by many of the original developers, fans of the series will recognise many elements which have made the series so popular. Fans will enjoy the unique music composed by the original composer David J. Franco as well as the very Drawn to Life-like art brought to life by the original sprite artist as well as a continued story presented by the original Executive Producer of Drawn to Life, and Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter."

We've also got our hands on a lovely selection of screenshots for you. Check these out:

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