Doug Bowser

It's that time of year when spooky versions of usernames start popping up on social media and everyone's getting in the Halloween mood by watching their favourite scary movies and playing their favourite frightening games. Nintendo of America's president Doug Bowser has been getting in the spirit, too, and recently tweeted out his top three favourite horror games of all time.

Bowser was responding to a question put out on US retailer GameStop's Twitter account — as you can see below — and we have to say he's got some really choice picks:

While the NOA executive ticks off Luigi's Mansion 3 on his list (a brilliant game, to be sure), he also includes a couple of cracking non-Nintendo picks with EA's survival horror Dead Space and Valve's multiplayer zombie horde survival sim Left 4 Dead.

Neither of those classics ever released on a Nintendo console, unfortunately, although EA's on-rails shooter spin-off Dead Space: Extraction on Wii was very good. Still, it's nice to see Bowser's gaming appreciation extends beyond the confines of brand Nintendo. We knew this already, of course — in an interview with his old university magazine last year he revealed his favourite game of all time is Myst (which thankfully did eventually find its way to Nintendo consoles).

What do you think of Bowser's picks? Let us know if they get your seal of approval below, and feel free to share your own top three horror games evs, too. And if you're looking to get in the spoopy mood, you might want to check out our picks of the best horror games on Switch.