Mario© Nintendo

Mario has been a doctor and even a race car driver, but he's best known as a plumber over his 35-year existence.

Although creator Shigeru Miyamoto has previously discussed his character's career choices, in a recent interview with CNN - focused on the history of the video game industry's most iconic mascot - he further explained why Nintendo made him a plumber.

The team apparently wanted someone that players felt like they already knew - kind of like the guy down the road, and a character that was in touch with the ah...realities of life, well, kind of...

"We wanted him to be someone who might live near you, and not a superhero."

If Mario was a real person, Miyamoto says he would tell him to stay true to himself and not worry about "competition" with others. Oh, and to work out and keep grooming that mustache!

"living in a way that's true to yourself is more enjoyable than being in competition with others...You'll be keeping plenty busy, so don't forget to work out and keep your mustache well groomed"

Wise words, indeed. If Mario was real, would you want to live near him? Weigh up the pros and cons in the comments below.

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