Firework, an action-platformer from indie publisher Fantastico Studio and developer Ivan Zanotti, is launching on the Nintendo Switch eShop later this week.

Inspired by the likes of Mega Man and Cave Story, Firework has you following Yan the Defective One in his fight against the deadly Fire Troops. You'll need to jump, fire and even dash in midair in an attempt to save the Facility from burning, hoping to unveil the mystery held within along the way.

The game aims to offer a "classic" platforming challenge, but also comes with its own firey twist. You see, flames will slowly fill the facility as you play, so you'll need to keep on top of keeping them at bay; otherwise, you'll find that your path will become increasingly complicated.

This new Switch version of Firework is "revisited and enriched", adding a co-op mode which can be played with just a single Joy-Con each. Here are some screenshots and a list of key features:

Key features
- Three alternative endings;
- 6 special equipment to unlock;
- Hidden power-ups;
- Awesome boss fight;
- Co-op mode.

Firework launches on Switch this Friday, September 11th. You'll find it available for £13.49.

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