If you've been following events in the world of Xbox over at our sister site Pure Xbox, you'll no doubt be aware that Halo Infinite is looming on the horizon – the next chapter in Microsoft's epic sci-fi saga which began with the launch of the original Xbox console almost 20 years ago.

Microsoft recently released gameplay footage running on the shiny new Series X console – footage which has left some people feeling a little deflated, it has to be said.

The viewpoint here is that – in gameplay terms, at least – Halo Infinite is going 'back to basics', but YouTuber Hoolopee (creator of the Death Stranding PS1 trailer) has taken this a step further, recreating the game's trailer as if it was being released on the Nintendo 64, a machine which pre-dates even the OG Xbox.

The end result might not be something we thought we wanted to see, but is incredibly impressive all the same. It even has Banjo-Kazooie-style gibberish speech made up of various sounds and chatter. Oh, and make sure you keep watching right until the end for a cool little N64 Easter egg.

Here's the original trailer, for comparison's sake: