Developer Tuned-Out Games has revealed that it is bringing its twin-stick roguelite Demons Ate My Neighbors! to Switch in Q3 2021.

Tuned-Out Games has worked in collaboration with Greg Johnson's HumaNature Studios – the team behind ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove – to create an action title which "mixes hardcore 'gamer' elements with cute, fun, and punky monster design" and promises to be a "fantastical, flashy, and thrilling, and focuses on the goofier, campier side of horror."

As you might guess from the title, the game takes plenty of inspiration from the SNES classic Zombies Ate My Neighbors, but has also been influenced by the likes of The Binding of Isaac, and features a soundtrack that includes Sonic Mania's Tee Lopes, Varien, Nice Legs, and Papoose.

Here's some PR:

1991—it seems like any other sweltering July in the sleepy suburbs of Fairweather Valley… until a cursed VHS unleashes untold horrors upon the neighborhood, turns the residents evil, and generally makes April and Joey’s summer a total bummer. Our heroes must exorcise their neighbors from hell, fight their way back to the haunted High School and rewind their summer to save the world!

Two heads are better than dead. Team up in local co-op, then pump, refill, and spill ’em all with Splasha squirt guns, loaded with an infinite supply of holy water. Pump past the limit with Overpump and unleash holy hydro hell. Swap and pop Nozzles to drench demons with different shots, effects, and Overblasts—then upgrade the Splasha’s stats with Nitro Splashtanks found throughout the ‘burbs of Fairweather.

Getting lost finding possessed citizens in procedurally-generated levels? Not with the radical Radar Radio called the RadWatch. Level it up by slaying monsters to boost its range and ability to find survivors. Depending on your choices, some citizens will Tune-Out!—and transform to climactic combat challenges where one of three choices must be made: DAMN, DELIVER, or DIE. Be kind and rewind by draining their recharging stamina with a Holy Hi-Fi arsenal to DELIVER them from evil, or blast through with Lethal Lo-Fi weaponry to let them stay DAMNED.

Don’t worry about death—with infinite timelines, another April and Joey are ready to DAMN! or DELIVER all over again. This time, smash through and loot the ‘hood. Knock over mailboxes, trashcans, and more to find household weapons that exploit monster weaknesses. Freeze Zombos, zap Zaplings, and vaporize Vampunks with Garlic Pizza. Collect VHS tokens from Boss Demons to unlock new permanent meta upgrades in the hideout.