Worm Jazz – a puzzle title which was created during a game jam event – has been confirmed for release on the Nintendo Switch.

Described by its developer – Inconspicuous Creations – as a cross between Bomberman and Snake, it features a "boogie-woogie worm" called Mr. Mark who has to steer his elongating body through a series of mazes in search of the golden apple.

The catch here is that, while you can grow your body by consuming food – just like in Snake – you can also reduce it in size by blowing up segments which remove rocks that block your progress. The game's off-beat mechanics are complemented by a jazz soundtrack by Oliver Getz, who, according to the press release, has "painstakingly put together loops of calming, upbeat tunes to chill out to."

Inconspicuous Creations founder and sole developer Yu He had this to say:

It's certainly not a coincidence that the game was conceived at a game jam. In many ways, Worm Jazz feels a lot like a jam session. I think it's important that the game is instantly familiar, but at the same time be open to new elements that mix things up.

Worm Jazz launches on the eShop this summer.