It may not have had the same social media impact as Animal Crossing: New Horizons earlier in the year, but Nintendo's latest major release, Paper Mario: The Origami King, should hopefully still be fresh in the mind.

In case it slipped you by, or perhaps for anyone who wasn't truly convinced at the first time of asking, Nintendo has released a new accolades trailer featuring a few quotes from critics. Feel free to give it a watch above and see if it gets you feeling the hype.

If you're wanting to read up on our thoughts on Paper Mario's latest adventure, you're more than welcome. You can find our full review right here.

The Paper Mario games are always light-hearted adventures with plenty of jokes and clever paper-based set-pieces but The Origami King is easily one of the funniest and smartest entries in the series. If the thought of the battles puts you off buying it you’re also going to miss out on some of the most entertaining moments we’ve seen in a game this generation.

Have you already bought the game? Have you been putting it off? Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments below.