Image: GameSpot

Grasshopper Manufacture CEO Gochi Suda keeps popping up in places we least expect. This time around it was during the credits of Devolver Digital's Direct presentation. Why was he present? To show off another two seconds of No More Heroes 3 footage, of course.

Yep, we actually got a whole two seconds of No More Heroes 3 footage. This time around you can actually see the game's protagonist Travis Touchdown and some camera movement, but most of the focus is on Suda51 giving viewers the thumbs up. In this shot, he's also holding an Xbox 360 controller and while that might seem a bit weird, it's probably a development build.

Oddly, the video upload of the broadcast on Devolver Digital's YouTube channel swaps out this scene for the following one:

Devolver Direct
Image: DevolverDigital

Suda's brief cameo during Devolver's credits follows on from his appearance at the very beginning of the New Game+ Expo 2020 Showcase last month. In this particular broadcast, he delivered a special message about how it was an opportune time for gamers to spend more time playing, while footage of No More Heroes 3 appeared on-screen in the background.