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Image: New Game+

Grasshopper Manufacture CEO Gochi "Suda51" Suda has teased fans with new gameplay footage of No More Heroes 3. The funny part about it is that nobody got to properly see it because his head was blocking it the entire time.

At the very beginning of the New Game+ Expo 2020 Showcase, the famous video game designer appeared on-screen and delivered a special message about how it was an opportune time for gamers to spend more time playing.

Seconds into the message, the screen changed from a still to direct gameplay footage of Travis Touchdown's third outing. Suda himself didn't acknowledge what was going on in the background, but you could definitely see he was struggling to keep a straight face at times. Later on, he directly acknowledged the "leak" on his Twitter account:

Apart from this, Suda himself says he's using all the extra time at the moment to catch up on his own backlog of games - admitting he hasn't even completed Super Mario Odyssey on the Nintendo Switch yet.

Did you find Suda's prank amusing? Are you looking forward to the arrival of NMH3 on the Nintendo Switch at some point this year? Share your thoughts down below.