Animal Crossing Isabelle

Losing your Switch while out and about would be an absolute nightmare - and something which we're thankfully yet to experience - but this lovely story shows that sometimes all is not lost.

Skylar Challand, who recently had a stay at a Hilton Garden Inn in Maine, accidentally left a Nintendo Switch console in their hotel room. That could have spelt disaster, but thankfully, a worker at the hotel went above and beyond to not only return the console to its owner, but also look after their Animal Crossing: New Horizons game save.

On Twitter, Challand said, "Forgot our Nintendo Switch in a hotel room in Maine, and @HiltonGardenInn was kind enough to ship it back to me. But I did not expect this note." Take a look at this:

As you can see, the hotel staff member not only took the time to save their game, but also decorated a note to explain what had happened with a number of cutesy Animal Crossing drawings. Something tells us that the hotel staff member was likely a pretty big Animal Crossing fan.

Hilton Garden Inn actually responded to the message on Twitter, and Challand took the time to ask that the employee in question be awarded employee of the month and receive a pay rise. You know what? We completely agree.

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