Animal Crossing New Horizons Waffle
Image: Tatsuya Tanaka

We recently saw a custom-made Polly Pocket-style Animal Crossing toy which we thought was the height of miniature video game cuteness, but in the past few days we've discovered something that's even more impressive.

The construction and photography of the tiny scene above is the work of Tatsuya Tanaka, a miniature artist who creates beautiful dioramas using everyday items and posts daily photos to social media channels and his Miniature Calendar website.

The Nintendo-themed photo that initially caught our eye was related to the recent 37th anniversary of the Famicom in Japan back on 15th July:

However, a (long) scroll through the artist's Twitter feed shows a number of incredibly intricate creations on the theme of Nintendo, video games and pop culture in general.

Tanaka, a keen New Horizons player by all accounts, also regularly posts time-lapse footage detailing the painstaking set-up and attention that goes into creating these incredible images. Here are just a few examples we've enjoyed, beginning with an amazing Switch-based swimming pool:

These Street Fighter creations are awesome, too:

If you've had a stressful day and are in need of a tonic (one without a large gin in it), we highly recommend scrolling through the artist's website or Twitter feed. Looking at all these tiny figures interacting with giant everyday things is, somehow, incredibly calming.

Nintendo classic mini, indeed! Let us know your favourite images below.

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