DOOM Eternal

One blockbuster third-party title that's yet to land on the Switch is DOOM Eternal. This latest entry in the hellish demon-slaying series has been available on other consoles since the 20th March, so what's going on with the Nintendo port?

id Software's executive producer Marty Statton previously mentioned how stunned he was with this particular version and said it wouldn't be a huge delay, but admittedly, we're starting to get a little worried. Fortunately, he's provided Nintendo fans with a brief update during a recent panel at Gamelab Live 2020. The plan is to lock in a release date "pretty soon" for the Switch.

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Here's the transcript, courtesy of Nintendo Everything:

We’ll be talking about the release date pretty soon. We haven’t announced that yet – I can’t do that now. It’s really made great progress. Panic Button, the studio we work with on that, as I’ve said before they’re masters of the platform. … we released Doom Eternal on all the same platforms we released Doom 2016, and I thought that was a real feather in the cap of our tech team, and I think this will be the same for Panic Button and our engine team as well because it kind of starts with their core that gets passed along and the optimization that’s done. I think it’ll be every bit as good as Doom 2016 was, and I’m super excited for people to get it.

He added how Doom Eternal would be "another step" with the Switch and reassured anyone interested in this version that the game would be the full experience:

We’re really not watering it down at all. People can expect the full experience.

You can read more about Marty Stratton's praise for the Switch port of DOOM Eternal in our previous post. Have you been holding out for the Nintendo version of this game? Tell us down below.

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