NIS America has shared a brand new trailer for the upcoming Giraffe and Annika, set to launch on Switch on 28th August.

The video gives us a chance to check out a few of the locals and learn the basics of exploring Spica, the island on which the game is set. If you're unaware, players will follow the story of Annika, a young girl who finds herself stranded on this mysterious island after having a strange dream.

After a bit of exploring, she comes across a boy called Giraffe who seems to already know her, and goes on to try and find three special star fragments on the island in order to unravel the mysteries of her forgotten memories. The pair later join up with Lily, Witch of the Mysterious Forest, and the trio set off on a "magical, mystery-filled adventure".

Key Features:
- A Magical Journey - Immerse yourself in the vivid and enchanting world of Spica, and watch this grand tale unfold through comic book-style cutscenes.
- Rhythmic Rumble – Challenge a colorful cast of bosses to rhythm-based combat, and groove along to a fun and whimsical game soundtrack.
- Seeker of Secrets – Explore unique dungeons, discover charming collectibles, and unravel the mysteries of the island.

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