As you might have already heard, there have been rumours swirling around the internet for the past week about a possible Nintendo Direct broadcast taking place later this month, on 20th July.

It all stems from an insider, who goes by the name Kelios on ResetEra. According to VGC, this user previously leaked accurate timings related to Nintendo Directs - including the mini one, which took place earlier this year in March.

Now, to help fire up this rumour, a new batch of Switch SKUs have surfaced on GameStop's internal database. As can be seen in the image below, there are four unannounced Switch games on the list. Each one has a tentative release date of 31st December 2020 and a placeholder price of $59.99.

The following GameStop notice - about Nintendo of America performing maintenance on its retail integration services, on 14th July - has also been doing the rounds, but there is no guarantee there is a connection between this and the above-listed SKUs.

Now that its surprise Treehouse presentation is out of the way, could Nintendo be gearing up for something else? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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