If you love nothing more than dungeons and puzzle-adventure gameplay, you might want to keep an eye out for Keen - One Girl Army.

The game launched today on Steam and is coming to Switch next week, bringing "expansive" dungeons filled with enemies and puzzles along for the ride. You'll come up against ghosts, zombies, and killer robots, slicing them up with your blade and unlocking abilities and gadgets like regeneration, explosives, and a telekinetic shield along the way.

In Keen - One Girl Army, Kim, a descendant of a long line of female warriors, must thwart an evil corporation’s expansion plans threatening not just her island village, but the entire world at large. Armed with the family weapon and strength from training sessions with Gramma, she will traverse many cute yet creepy locales en route to beat down the bad guys.

You'll be able to play this one on Switch from 2nd July.

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