Image: @FortniteGame

The insanely popular free-to-play battle royale Fortnite just held a major live event known as "The Device" to conclude the second season. The event had been postponed on multiple occasions previously, so you can probably imagine how excited players were to finally witness this special moment in Chapter 2, Season 2.

Unfortunately, the event had so many players log on, the servers quickly reached capacity. While the event went ahead as planned, the result of this was a lot of fans were unable to watch the event unfold in-game. The official Fortnite Twitter account advised locked out players to view a Twitch Livestream if they still wanted to see what happened.

As can be seen in the replies section of this particular tweet, a lot of players who missed out directed their anger towards Epic's servers. One individual said "your servers are terrible" while others called the company out for having an extra two weeks to get ready and felt they couldn't even "properly prepare" for the occasion.

A lot of the same players had reportedly queue for the event hours beforehand and were then kicked right before it started. Some have simply had enough:

I’m ****ing done dude, after a month and a half of delay I can’t even watch the frickin event

The odd response was happy to defend Epic:

Stop blaming @Fortnite For not being able to meet your high end expectations.

The next big event for Fortnite is the start of season three. It's also been delayed and will finally make its debut on Wednesday. Did you catch this season finale? Were you one of the many players who essentially got locked out? Tell us below.