Delightful co-op platformer Biped was announced for Switch a while ago and the game released on PS4 and PC earlier in the year, but it has now been confirmed to arrive on Nintendo's console on 2nd July. The announcement comes with a new trailer, which you can enjoy above.

NEXT Studios' co-op game puts you in the shoes of two cute robots, Aku and Sila, who must work together to navigate a series of colourful stages. So far, so co-op, but the twist here is that these clumsy characters are controlled in a very specific manner: each of their legs is mapped to an thumb stick--hence the name, see?--and that's your only method of input.

Having just two limbs to worry about sounds simple enough, but obstacles and puzzles soon get tricky and success relies on coordinating your brains as well as your pins. Co-op was previously restricted to local play, but the developer has also revealed that online matchmaking is in the works and it'll be coming to the game soon. Perfect for staying connected during lockdown, then.

Biped was well received on other platforms at launch, but (and we may be a little biased on this point) there's only one console we think of when the words 'colourful co-op' pop up in conversation. The game looks perfectly suited to Switch, and we're looking forward to putting it through its paces when it hits the eShop on 2nd July. We recently chatted with the game's producer about the upcoming Switch version, so keep an eye out for that interview soon.

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