Streets of Rage 4 has been well-received across all platforms, but how does it hold up on the Nintendo Switch in terms of performance? It matches the competition.

The expert team over at Digital Foundry had a look and found it delivers the same silky smooth 60 frames per second action that it does on other platforms. In terms of additional visual effects, it's "all in the Switch version" – nothing has been omitted and it's "as good as" the PlayStation 4 version. Seaven Studio carried out the Switch conversion and was also responsible for the PS4 release.

Rich Leadbetter even went as far as calling Streets of Rage 4 "the Sonic Mania of sideways fighting games" as it takes "everything" about the entire beat 'em up genre and improves it. If you've read our own Nintendo Life review, you'll know we agree. The summary from John Linneman is "the game is awesome" on every platform, and everyone should give it a go.

Get the full rundown in the video above, and tell us how your own experience with Streets of Rage 4 has been so far.