Any readers of a certain age from the UK will no doubt remember NatWest's promotional piggy banks; way before Pokémon was a thing, these were the ultimate collectables and are now worth a pretty penny.

But times have changed, and the National Westminster Bank has made the jump to releasing video games for the Switch in order to indoctrinate young 'uns about the benefits of being a good saver.

Introducing Island Saver which lands on the Switch on 13th May. This free-to-play game will see the player going around various terrains, cleaning things up so you can save the living piggy banks. We have very little idea what's going on, so here's the official game bio to explain it a bit better:

Welcome to Savvy!

A group of amazing islands need your help! Horrid plastic waste has washed up and you need to sort it out with your trusty Trash Blaster! But look out for the Litterbugs. They love mess and they’re out to muck things up.

You need to wash away gloop, collect litter, earn coins and rescue the bankimals! These special animals are living piggy banks and with them you can help save the Savvy Islands and make things good again.


- Tropical jungles - the icy arctic - dusty deserts – volcanoes - explore them all as you clean up the islands.
- 42 bankimals to save – can you rescue them all?
- Find bankimals you can ride and use their powers to access new areas
- Help Kiwi find his missing nest eggs!
- Collect coins and discover spending, saving, and more!

Expectations should probably be kept quite low for this effort, but this free-to-play game might well offer a few hours of fun for younger gamers in your household and teach them a valuable lesson about being smart with their money and the environment.

Let us know what you make of Island Saver with a comment below.