Rickroll Animal Crossing New Horizons
Image: @Withnailmarwood

Some things never get old. Other things get so very old that they somehow circle around and become new again, and we'd argue that Twitter user Withnailmarwood--perhaps better known as man behind GAME Telford's fantastic social media output--has made this classic meme fresh once more by recreating the video to "Never Gonna Give You Up" using Animal Crossing: New Horizons avatars.

You could always watch the video straight, but personally we think the best way to appreciate this fine work is to watch it side-by-side with the original video for Rick Astley's hit. Fortunately, the maker has provided that very option in the tweet below:


When you watch it beside the original, you get a much better feeling for the sheer effort that has gone into this video - from the background details to the costumes and extras, not to mention the attempts to capture the iconic dance moves from Stock Aitken & Waterman's '80s smash. And now it's available for the whole internet to throw surreptitiously into links for unsuspecting victims!

Yes, it took effort not to slide this into another article under the guise of a tempting, juicy little link: F-ZERO FOR SWITCH SURPRISE ANNOUNCEMENT, COMING AUGUST 1ST, something like that.

You didn't, did you?

[source twitter.com]