The Nintendo Direct Mini earlier this week revealed a lot of upcoming third-party titles for Switch. 2K, in particular, announced three of its major franchises were en route to the hybrid system. This had a lot of people buzzing until the huge download requirements for the physical versions were uncovered.

At the time of this announcement, a 2K press release said the total size of the XCOM 2: Collection would "not exceed 24 GB" and now a page listing for the upcoming release on the EB Games Canada website says a download of "at least 24 GB" will be required. Slightly different wording, but hey - it still mentions 24 GB.

Game requires download of at least 24 GB. microSD card recommended (sold separately). Storage requirements may change, visit for details.

As stated in the official PR, the XCOM Collection for Switch is being released on an 8 GB cartridge, containing two base missions - with the rest of the content requiring a download.

You can read about how much space you'll need to set aside for the Bioshock: The Collection and Borderlands Legendary Collection in our previous post.

Would you consider a physical game that potentially requires a 24GB download? Tell us below.