To The Moon

Update (Wed 5th Feb, 2020 10:00 GMT): We've now received a response regarding To The Moon's disappearance from the Nintendo eShop last month. In a statement provided to Nintendo Life, X.D. Network has shared the following:

"The reason of the issue that To the Moon was taken down from Nintendo EU eShop was that the ratings for the EU region were changed after release. Nintendo informed us and we submitted a new patch for the rating changes during the holiday."

Thankfully, that patch has now passed the review stage and To The Moon is once again available on the Switch eShop. If you were hoping to get your hands on it, we'd certainly recommend you do so now that you have the chance. It actually made it into our top three best Switch eShop games of January, too.

Original Story (Wed 22nd Jan, 2020 11:15 GMT): Last week saw the launch of the wonderful To The Moon on Nintendo Switch across Europe and North America. We couldn't recommend the thing enough in our review, but European fans might now struggle to get their hands on it.

The game released on 16th January and has been sitting on the Switch eShop ever since. Checking the digital store today, however, reveals that the game has mysteriously vanished in Europe, while still being perfectly available in North America. Even the page for the game on Nintendo's European website has been wiped.

So what's happened here? Usually, when we see a game vanish like this, a rating issue or similar tends to be the culprit. That could be the case here, but the game's publisher hasn't addressed the game's disappearance on social media or via press release in any shape or form. For now, the only way fans in Europe can get the game is by using an account from a different region, although it's worth noting that the game is still playable if you downloaded it before it disappeared.

We've reached out to X.D. Network, the game's publisher, to ask about the game's disappearance. We'll make sure to update this article with any comment we receive in response.