With its build-it-yourself cardboard packs and quirky gameplay, Nintendo Labo is one cool piece of kit. There's one way to make it even cooler, though, and that's by turning it into a Pikachu. Obviously.

In the March 2020 issue of Japanese kindergarten magazine Yochien, which hit the market just days ago, readers found themselves getting their hands on these adorable Nintendo Labo × Pokémon Quest sets. Players can build Pikachu, Eevee, and Bulbasaur, and while they can be enjoyed as toys on their own, they naturally shine brightest when played in conjunction with the Nintendo Labo Variety Kit.

You see, these blocky, cardboard critters actually double up as funky designs for that kit's RC Car, meaning you can transform Pikachu and co. into little vehicles and enjoy a new type of battling. It's like that Pokémon x Beyblade crossover we always wanted.

Thinking about it, we're surprised that Nintendo Labo hasn't branched out to include crossovers with other franchises. Can you imagine how cool a cardboard Legend of Zelda set would be? Or a Paper Mario set? Now we're talking.

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