Registrations for Pokémon Sword and Shield's 2020 International Challenge February competition are now open, and fans of the one and only Ball Guy will definitely want to take part.

This online competition will have Trainers from all around the world battling it out with the same ruleset as the official 2020 Pokémon Video Game Championship series. If you link your Pokémon Trainer Club account to your Nintendo Account, you can actually earn Points towards qualification for those official World Championships, too.

For anyone not too fussed about competing on the big stage, the event is still worth checking out. Everyone who registers for the event and completes at least one battle will receive an in-game t-shirt based on Ball Guy, the friendly oddball found all over the Galar region.

Ball Guy Shirt
Image: Image via Serebii

The sign-up period is open from now until Thursday, 27th February at 3:59 pm PST. Battles will use the Double Battle format, though only Pokémon caught in the Galar region will be eligible to compete.

We still don't know how to feel about Ball Guy.

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