Pokemon Home

With its official release window of 'February 2020', the launch of Pokémon Home can only be days away - obviously. If you're hoping to learn more about it before it arrives, you might want to check out these new little slices of info shared by Japanese media over the weekend.

Interestingly, some outlets have listed the app as launching in 'February', while others state 'Mid-February', suggesting that it may be coming sooner rather than later. It's been said that Pokémon Home offers 200 storage boxes with a Premium Subscription and you'll be able to easily transfer Pokémon by dragging and dropping them; you'll also be able to search through your boxes using a number of filters.

Serebii has shared a round-up of some of the specific functions of the new service:

- Eggs cannot be placed in Pokémon HOME.
- Pokémon from Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee only gain their data such as abilities when transferred into Sword & Shield.
- The GTS will allow you to see from where the Pokémon originates. If it has been put in from Bank, Let's Go or Sword/Shield.
- The mobile version lets you see the 3D Models, rotate them and so forth
- The National Pokédex is separated by region so you can look at all Pokémon at once, or get a list of all Kanto Pokémon, Johto Pokémon etc.

Serebii also notes that, according to 4Gamer, players who have multiple user accounts on the same Switch console will be able to access different Pokémon Home save files with just one copy of the app. Details on this aren't 100% clear, however, so we're hoping to hear more on this as time progresses.

If an exact release date does get announced, we'll make sure to let you know as soon as we hear about it. Maybe it'll shadow drop over the next few days?

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