Are you a prolific precision platforming enthusiast who regularly goes on epic journeys to find a fair maiden? Perhaps it's time for Mario to put his feet up and give someone else a go. Perhaps with that in mind, UKIYO Publishing is bringing Swedish developer Nexile's 'Tactical Leaping Adventure' Jump King to consoles including Switch this year.

As you can see from the trailer above, the King himself looks like he would fit in perfectly with the Shovel Knight clan, although he's a good deal less agile. This tongue-in-cheek, tough-as-nails game sees Jump King determined to scale every obstacle he encounters for a chance to reach the "Smoking Hot Babe" at the top.

Unfortunately, this monarch doesn't enjoy any of the mid-air manoeuvring that comes naturally to Mario and co. - once pressed, the amount of time you hold down the jump button determines your distance and there's no going back. Not enough pressage (that's a word) and you'll fall short of your target; too much and you'll overshoot.

Should you fail to master the simple technique of jumping (and it seems you will, many many times), down, down, down you go. This deviously simple challenge comes with a retro pixel art wrapping and writing that pleasingly doesn't take itself too seriously. Here's a selection of the game's key features as noted on Jump King's website:

- The only way forward is up, and your only enemy is yourself!
- Simple but iconic jump-mechanic, charge each jump just right!
- Once you leap away there is no retreat.
- Tactical platformer; the obvious path is sometimes not the best…
- Mysterious world with characters that you will learn to love and hate.
- The higher you jump, the harder you fall!
- All your progress (and each setback) is saved automatically!
- That jump which you so easily cleared a moment ago has somehow turned into the hardest jump in the game – what are you going to do? Cry about it?
- You only have yourself to blame! He he he…
- Classic graphics – painstakingly hand drawn backgrounds.

The game launched on PC last May and currently enjoys a Very Positive rating on Steam. There's no date or price attached to the Switch version just yet, but we imagine it can't be far off.

Are you down to leap your way to glory in Jump King? Have you played this on PC? Let us know how excited you are to fall to your doom over and over again by plummeting to the comments below.