Update (Thu 2nd Jan, 2020 10:00 BST): As New Year festivities were taking place this week, clothing retailer Uniqlo was busy getting its brand new 'Mario Kart Friendship' range of t-shirts and hoodies available. You can go ahead and pick them up from the Uniqlo website as we speak (we've shared images of some of the best options below).

All designs are for children only, meaning sizes only range from ages 3 to 13, but if you have a special youngster in your life you might just find a perfect gift or two here.

Original Article (Fri 11th Oct, 2019 11:30 BST): Clothing retailer Uniqlo has revealed a new line of kids' t-shirts and hoodies featuring a host of our favourite characters from the Mario Kart series. The collection will be called 'Mario Kart Friendship' - it doesn't get much more adorable than that.

Japanese Nintendo reports that the new line will be appearing in stores in January 2020, with t-shirts set to be priced at ¥790 (approx. £6 / $7.30) and hoodies at ¥1,990 (approx. £14.70 / $18.40) before tax. There's currently no word on whether or not these designs will make it to the west either online or in stores, but we've seen plenty of Uniqlo and Nintendo crossover designs be released across the world in the past.

Here's a closer look at just some of the designs:


Here's hoping we get the chance to snap up these designs overseas!

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