Mario Kart has a problem. We first noticed it creeping up on us when Mario Kart 8 started to receive DLC on Wii U and with Mario Kart Tour, things are getting completely out of hand. Yep, that's right: there are Princess Peachs absolutely everywhere.

The smartphone game has recently kicked off its Valentine's Tour, complete with a couple of new characters in the form of Pink Shy Guy and Baby Peach (Cherub). This takes the total number of playable Peach characters in Nintendo's current Mario Kart games to nine. Nine.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has Pink Gold Peach and Cat Peach; Mario Kart Tour has Peach (Kimono), Peach (Vacation), Peach (Wintertime), Peachette, and now Peach (Cherub); and the classic Princess Peach and Baby Peach appear in both. There are also nine forms of Mario which is almost as bad, but at least Mario's literally in the name of the series.

The newest Peach in all her cherub glory...

Now, don't get us wrong - we love Peach and Mario just as much as the next person - but nine different forms? Perhaps Mario Kart 9's gimmick could be that the roster has nine versions of every star character?

We're kidding, Nintendo. Please don't.