Sure, nabbing tense Victory Royales thanks to your expert building skills and blasting your way through a Season Pass might be the aim of the game, but Fortnite's huge roster of in-game dances offers up a whole other way to enjoy messing around with your mates. If you like to treat yourself to a new emote or two every now and then, you'll want to check out this competition.

Developer Epic Games has teamed up with TikTok - that video app thingy all the kids like these days. Fans of the game simply need to record a video of themselves demonstrating their own, original dance move before sharing them on TikTok with the hashtag #EmoteRoyaleContest. The winner will not only see their dance become an actual emote in-game, but they'll also receive 25,000 V-Bucks and the following:

  • NEFF hoodie
  • Sprayground crossbody bag
  • UNIQLO hoodie
  • Jazwares Battle Bus Drone
  • Jazwares Glider Drone
  • Funko Collectible
  • Bitty Boomer wireless speaker
  • Trends custom lithograph poster
  • Dark Fire Xbox Bundle
  • Dark Fire PS4 Bundle
  • Jenga: Fortnite Edition

The competition is open worldwide to those aged 13 and up, but you'll want to check out the official rules before entering. One key thing to remember is that you must use the pre-selected Fortnite tracks to dance along to.

With streaming icon Ninja getting his very own skin in the game recently, you'd basically be on the same level - just without the money, fame, and general success. Close enough, right?

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