Nom nom

As much as we love cooking and eating curries in the Galar region, every once in a while we prefer a meal that we don't have to prepare and comes with a free toy. Yeah, you heard us right.

From 2nd January through to 28th January next year, McDonald's in the UK will be offering Pokémon Happy Meals. While they don't appear to be based on the latest games Pokémon Sword and Shield, they're still Pokémon-themed, which makes them extra hard to resist.

These disc-like toys will be broken up across four separate weeks. The first week features Magmar and Alolan Sandshrew, the second week stars Lapras and Ghastly, the third week includes Onix and Eevee, and the fourth week rounds off the month with Pikachu and Alolan Meowth.


Could you see yourself buying a Happy Meal for one of these Pokémon toys? Tell us below.