PlatinumGames is a studio which is growing ever more popular with Nintendo fans, largely thanks to the release of some wonderful exclusives over recent years. We all know about series like Bayonetta - and we're desperately waiting for Bayonetta 3 to show up - but it appears that other, arguably lesser-known games stick in the minds of Platinum's key figures.

In an interview with Electric Playground Network, PlatinumGames co-founder Atsushi Inaba was asked to talk about the game he found most fun to make. He couldn't narrow it down to just one, but settled on both MadWorld and The Wonderful 101 - two very nice picks indeed. We've got a transcription of his words below, but you can hear it for yourself in the video a little further down (at around the 17:10 mark):

Atsushi Inaba: "Ah, you always ask the hard questions, trying to make us choose just one game. I guess if there’s one I would have to choose it’s probably MadWorld - it’s one of the first titles we released. And that’s because obviously it’s a Sin City visual design and the team at Clover Studios had just done Okami, which of course is a game about peace, tranquillity, these very colourful colours that you're using, and then go to this violent, dark, brutal world. The one thing the game taught me is that you can have the violence and the brutality, but still turn it into a really interesting game experience, so the visuals – that level of brutality – doesn’t have to mean that the game itself isn’t deep or isn’t a lot of fun, so there was a really unique learning for myself when being on that title.

"I guess if I was going to say one other one, it would probably be The Wonderful 101 because that was the last game I collaborated with Kamiya-san on, and Kamiya-san and I both have very strong personalities. We’re very opinionated, we both have our own flow - we think about games, and I would tell him, ‘We need this level of quality.’ And he would then come back to me and say, ‘No, it needs to be higher in a different way,’ and so we really do riff off of each other. But it’s also a very painful experience because you’re really pushing each other in a direction towards excellence, but with that comes a lot of stress and pain and pressure and so it’s never an easy experience, but even in the pain of working with him to create an amazing game, there’s still a lot of fun that is had. So I guess if I’m gonna choose a collaborative game where I get to work with Kamiya, The Wonderful 101 is the one I thought was a lot of fun. But every single game is fun in its own way, so that’s why these questions are so hard to answer."

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